I received this question:

Hi Dwane!

My son is currently taking VL and is on lesson 42. He will be finishing it up over the summer.

Will you be doing live classes in the fall using Lingua Latin? I’ve been looking at your website and see the 2018-2019 schedule, but nothing pertaining to 2019-2020. I might be jumping the gun a bit, but as I think forward to next year, I am trying to think through all of our options. I’d love him to be able to do the live classes if possible.

If live classes are not offered this fall, he can always do the same course, by watching the recorded session, correct?

Thank you!


Here is my reply:

I am about to post my live classes for the fall.  Hopefully this afternoon.  Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, I will not be teaching too many live classes next year, and it looks like Lingua Latina may not even be on the list.  Still working on that.

However, I have taught that class extensively in the past.  It is one of the most developed classes on my site. 

All that to say, you could definitely watch classes later. 

I record every class I teach, and I only take them down if I am updating them.   Currently, there are 17 classes with around 1,700 videos all arranged by units.  In other words, you could go from beginning Latin to advanced Latin easily on my site.  

I have quite a few students who use the previous classes only.  In fact, many prefer this as they can move at their own rate.  Students are always welcome to contact me if they have any questions.   There are also forums for each class.  In the forums students can interact with each other and ask questions.

I hope this answers your questions.  Let me know if you need more help!

Have a happy Friday!

– Dwane