These days I am writing for Word Up: Volume’s 2 and 3.  It’s a long process.  

Honestly, I am getting a bit frustrated.  English is a slippery language.  But, you knew that already.    

I took a break from Word Up to go answer emails.  This was in my inbox.  Made me happy.  

“As a short history, we found you after my sons started hating Latin while doing Henle Latin 1. I was more concerned that they would lose their love for learning doing Henle I, and I started researching another way. We found Visual Latin—long story, short—my sons love Latin and LOVED their time learning Visual Latin. They would even watch it just for fun—it made my heart happy! 

That’s how we found your blog. We follow your posts now for the intelligent viewpoint and enjoyment.”

– Kristen