If you struggle to get to work, or school on time, this may help.

This tip is easy to understand, but tough to implement.

Here it is: 

Get ready the night before.  

Take a look at all the things that slow you down in the morning when you are trying to get out of the house. 

Do you spend time looking for your keys?  Set them out the night before.  Make sure you know exactly where they are so you do not spend time looking for them in the morning. 

Do you bring your own lunch to work or school?  Make your lunch the night before.  Right after dinner is a perfect time to do this.  You are already in the kitchen, and you might even be taking leftovers.  Make your lunch the night before. 

Do you drink coffee in the morning?  Get it ready the night before.  Grind the beans.  Put the coffee grounds in the filter.  Add the water.  In the morning, all you have to do is push the button.

Get your clothes ready the night before.  Don’t waste time thinking about what you are going to wear in the morning.  

Need to print something?  Print it the night before.   

Invading another country?  Umm.  Don’t do that.  

I could go on.  But, you get the point.  

This is all difficult to implement since we are tired at night.  But, try it.  You’d be surprised how much you enjoy the mornings when you aren’t in a rush. 

With all the extra time you are giving yourself, you might have time to actually sit down for a few minutes, read, and enjoy your coffee before the world starts filling your day with all of its little urgencies.