Last Monday, on April 15th, I went to the post office to mail send my taxes off to the U.S. Government.  I am sure they will spend the money well.

In front of me, a man about my age was doing the same.

He handed an envelope to the woman behind the desk.  Then he said this:

“That’s all the profit I made in my business last year.  After expenses, that’s all I had left.  I swear, if there were more small businesses in America, there would be a tax revolt.”

The woman behind the desk, looking as bored as she possibly could, weighed his envelope and charged him for the stamp.

When my turn came, I stepped up and did the same.  I mailed off all of my profits.  When I checked my accounts this morning, my checking account was wiped out.  Well, at least I know they got the check.

I’ve been a bit depressed this week.  In general, I don’t support the U.S. Government, and I certainly have no interest in funding it.  In my depression (it was short-lived… don’t worry), I seriously considered altering my site in order to lower my income.  I have even considered shutting it down.  I am not going to.  I talked to my wife… and, as it turns out, she likes living in a house.

I wish it would end.  I wish we could pay 10% in taxes.  After all, that’s all God requires.  Incidentally, if you require more than the creator of the planet requires… what are you saying?

Even better.  I wish we could get back to the taxation rate we rebelled against when our great grandcestors kicked England out of the New World.  The taxation rate was anywhere from 1.5% to 3%.  Good thing we kicked England out.

As Dr. Gary North says:

The solutions are these: smaller government, lower taxes, and reduced government debt. Voters must abandon faith in government as Santa Claus.”

Unfortunately, roughly half of our fellow citizens have their hands in Uncle Sam’s pocket.




On a happier note, this song now makes more sense to me: