I’m not sure the world could get any more confusing.

I’m sure it could.  And, maybe it will.  I’m just not personally sure it could get any more confusing.

I feel bad for kids these days.  How are they supposed to make sense of it all?

To fight back some of the noise, I often try to establish some predictable sense in my own schedule.

For example, I used to teach online classes only on Tuesday.   I’d teach all day.

On Monday, I’d start to stress out about Tuesday, and on Wednesday, I would recover from Tuesday.

Then, I realized it would be much easier to teach each class for a half-hour each day.  And, students would get even more instruction.  This set up works better for languages anyway.  Thirty minutes a day is better than one hour a week.   Win win for everyone!

I had so much success with this, I started applying this method to any area of my life I could apply it to.

Including reading.  Which brings me back to Mere Christianity.

I have read this book several times.   But, there’s so much here, I don’t feel I can retain it all.

So, lately, I have been reading a chapter from the book every day.  Takes about 5-7 minutes and it really sets the day off well.

The system is simple.  There are usually thirty days in a month.  Sometimes more.  Sometimes less.

There are thirty three chapters in Mere Christianity.

So, here is the simple system.  Using the calendar, I read a chapter daily.  Since today is December 7, 2020, I read chapter 7.   Tomorrow, on the 8th, I will read chapter 8.

Using this method, I will read the book each month.  On the last day of the month, naturally, I will have to read more chapters.   No big deal.   I love the book.

As for the confusion in the world, C. S. Lewis addresses much of it.   He tackles the very hard questions behind the problems in the world.  Past, present and, very likely, future.

Not only does this daily reading provide a sense of calmness during our modern (often silly) storms, it also provides answers to the questions we are all asking.