After I sent the last “Tip of the Week”, I received this note:

Thank you for sharing this Mr. Thomas…. GOD knew I needed this today. 
Hope all is well with you and your family, especially your son! We still have him in our Prayers here in Colorado.
Here is my reply:
All is well these days with my family.  Those days in Colorado were dark days for us.  I am very thankful to the community out there.  The encouragement meant (and still means) much to us.  
My son is doing well… I think…. :-).  Having cheated death, he is now taking a victory lap around the world.  He is trying to make his living as a photographer.  Since the accident, he has been to South Africa, Greece, London, NYC, Hawaii, and he is currently in Indonesia.  Somehow he is making enough money to get to the next destination.  Crazy kid.   I am sort of jealous.  Heh.  
Hope you are having a great day!