I received this question:

If I just let my kids continue with Henle 1 (and pick up from where you all ended last year), will you continue on with Henle 2 when you finish with Henle 1?  Since your Henle 2 class this year will also just pick up from where you ended, I didn’t think my kids would be able to work through what you’e done on their own to catch up with the class.


Here is my reply:

I will likely teach the courses again from the beginning.  All new students will be welcome to join those classes.

And, early in the mornings, I will continue teaching First Year Latin, and Second Year Latin exercise by exercise.  I am planning to postpone Greek and Italian while doing this.  Only a few people have inquired about Greek anyway, and no one has asked about Italian.

My wife has actually asked me to stop writing tests for the Henle Latin series, because she says the process is bringing me down.  I agree with her.  In fact, I think the entire series is having a long term negative effect on my mental health.  I am not kidding.  

So, my plan is to continue teaching the course daily.  Those classes are already in progress.  I teach them early in the mornings.  I will then leave those classes up indefinitely.   Students of Henle Latin could then use them as a self-paced course in the future.   

On Tuesdays, I will re-teach the course.  But, I am going to put in as much effort as I can to make the Tuesday classes the best Henle classes I have taught.  Then, a year from now, I will retire from Henle Latin 1 and 2.  It will take me a few more years to finish up with Henle 3 and 4.  

Anyway.  That’s the plan. 

So.  To sum up.  In September, we will start from the beginning of First Year Latin and Second Year Latin.

I hope that clears things up.  If not, feel free to contact me again.