Thinking of adding a new class to my site. National Latin Exam. This class would meet each morning (except weekends) to practice old exams. We would meet at 5:45 am central time zone (because I only have time in the mornings). We would meet for about 45 minutes or less. It depends, of course, on the time we spend on each exam.
Those who love to keep up with their grades could use this class for a Latin grade.  This would also provide some testing for Latin 2, 3, and 4.
Interested? Let me know right away. If there is enough interest, we will begin on Monday.
By the way…

Live Q&A/orientation class on Monday night. At 7pm (CTZ), I will be interviewing an expert on dyslexia. At 8pm (CTZ), I will start the live Q&A. Register free here: