Yesterday, I announced all of the upcoming classes I will be teaching this Fall.

Naturally, this announcement generated some questions.  I was surprised by the theme.  

People wanted to know, “Is this class only for students?  As an adult, may I also join the class?”

This led me to the tip of the week.  Here it is: Do not stop learning.

Our school systems often forget to teach us the most important lesson.  Our school systems forget to teach us how to learn.

When we leave school, we ought to know not everything.  That is impossible.  Instead, we ought to know how to learn anything.

The greatest way to learn anything is to keep learning.  Never stop.

Now, for an answer to your question.  “Can I, as an adult, join your class?”

Absolutely.  Some of my very best students are adults.  I must warn you, though.  As adults, we have busy lives.  There is much that will compete with your efforts to learn Latin, or Greek, or whatever you attempt to learn.

Before committing, count the cost.  Will you be able to find time to read and study for an hour a day?

If so, you are welcome to join me.

You can find out about all of the classes right here: