It’s official.

I am going to teach Spanish and French next year.

Honestly, I think I am just rebelling against Henle Latin.  So, so, so tired of that series.  Needed something to excite me.  So, Spanish and French it is.

I have studied Spanish extensively, and am decent in Spanish.  So, I will really be reviewing in front of my students.  Anyone is welcome to join.

As for French… I don’t speak French.  So, this class will be like the Italian class I started some years ago.  I want to learn French, and so I am willing to learn French while the world watches.  It will be truly embarrassing, I am sure, but I am going to do it anyway.

If I can come up with the money, I intend to move to Montreal for a month, or so, this summer (2019).  There are some French classes there I would like to join.

I will be hitting French hard this summer.  I hope to be ready by September.

Either way, the die is cast.  I am crossing the Rubicon and am not looking back.  Ready, or not, I will be “teaching” French in the fall.

Ergo… I am announcing two new forums on my site.  They are empty at the moment, but as I find helpful Spanish and French resources, they will start to fill up.  Feel free to add anything you think the rest of us might find helpful.