Since John Gatto died a few weeks ago, I have posted some rather edgy posts about the government school system.

Some people have suggested I tone it down.


I will not back down.

My fellow Americans love to vote.  We love to go to the polls.  We are going to get our guy in office and things are going to change.  Real soon now.

I skipped voting a few days ago.  I had better things to do.

Here’s the thing.

The revolution was, my friends.  It passed you in the night.

You are worried that the government is going to take more from you in taxes, but the government has your children.

Some of you are worried that the government is going to take your guns, but the government has your children.

Some of you are worried that the security is getting too tight, but the government has your children.

Some of you wonder why we have troops stationed in 150 countries, but the government has your children.

And, the worst part…?  We love it.  We absolutely love it.

If I ever run for office, I would run mainly on this platform.   Let’s abolish the Department of Education.

Imagine how far I would get.

I would get nowhere.  We Americans love our schools.

The other day, my wife and (my homeschooled daughters) were volunteering with our church.  They were trying to make some friends.  One question always comes up.  “Where do you go to school?”  Often, when my girls respond, the conversation is over.

Two girls started talking in the presence of my daughter.  First question? “Where do you go to school?”  When an older girl found out that the younger girl would soon be joining her at Indoctrination High, the conversation shifted into high gear.

“Oh!  You are going to love it there!  We have a great football team!  We have awesome computer labs, clubs, after-school activities and parties, and so many cool kids go there!”

On and on went the young saleswoman for 20 minutes, while my daughter silently listened.

I have something to say to all of the salespeople out there.

Yes.  You do have a football team.  You have driver’s ed.  You have a band, a drumline, expensive musical instruments, computer labs, lots of friends, ROTC and on, and on, and on.

Turns out the government can do all kinds of cool things with stolen money.  Most of my property taxes go to the local school system.   I bought a condo in Franklin in 1997, and have owned property ever since.  Each year, I have paid roughly $2,000 in property taxes.  I have lived here for 21 years.  I will do the math for you.  I have deposited $42,000 into a system I hate.  Had I decided to skip payments, I would have lost my property, and perhaps, gone to jail.

By the way, all those goodies the government schools give you?  Beware.  Those goodies come with a price.  Slaves are made in such ways.


If you are out of the system, thank your parents.  It isn’t easy, I know.  I was homeschooled.  I didn’t always like it.  It was hard for my parents.  It was also illegal back then (We were in Germany).  They did it anyway.  With almost no money.

If you are homeschooling your children, hang in there.  My wife and I (mostly my wife) have done it, and it has not been easy… at all.  I know what you are going through.  For years, we did it with almost no money.  I could have used that extra $2,000 I donated to Indoctrination High.

If you are in the system, and cannot get out, I am not upset with you.  I get angry at cancer, not the cancer victims.  I am angry at the system, not you.

But, while you are in there, resist.  Here’s how.

  • Do not become a salesperson for such a corrupt system.
  • Realize that you are not getting an education.  You are being groomed for obedience.  You are being trained to obey your master.  The state wants to be your master.
  • Begin educating yourself.  It isn’t that hard.  Do what almost no one else is doing.  Read.  Read voraciously.  Get up early if you need more time to read.

John Gotto’s obituary is a great place to start:

If you want to jump right in, read this:

Getting out of the system is incredibly difficult but, it’s worth it.  It took me twenty years.  For over a decade I rose at 3 am to read, study, and claw my way out.  Now, I am free.  My wife is free. My children are free.

You can win your freedom, too.  It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

As for me, you could stand me up at the gates of hell, but… I won’t back down.