I received this question:

My daughter would like to take the Henle II class, but she happens to have orchestra practice during your class time on Wednesdays.  Is there any chance that you might add another day/time for Henle II?

Here is my reply:


I am so sorry.  It is not likely.  So few students sign up for Henle 2.  I cannot justify a second time.

However, I do offer another class that will satisfy the requirements of Henle 2 and will cover much of the same content as well.  On Tuesday’s I will teach a class called Fables and Foundations.  We will be reading the first part of the book of Genesis, and a book on Greek and Latin fables.  In the spring semester, we will read through much of Caesar’s Gallic wars. 

More information here:  https://dwanethomas.com/fables-and-foundations/

Let me know if you need more help!