A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. – Will Durant

Years ago, I read an interview with Mel Gibson.  The author of the article was asking Mel Gibson about his movie Apocalypto.  Ultimately, Mel Gibson told the interviewer the movie was a warning to America.  You simply cannot sacrifice millions of humans and expect God to bless your country.  I think the interview was in Rolling Stone magazine, but I can’t find it.  If you do, please send me the link.

Things sure aren’t looking that great for America these days.  I’m not that surprised.  Not sure why anyone is surprised really.  

In January of 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized abortion.  I am sure other historians will disagree, but I believe that was the beginning of the end.  

Be that as it may, the hyperventilating over face masks and public safety these days has me rolling my eyes.  


Matt Drudge summed it up well. 

“There will be over 3,500 killed in USA today from abortion. No flags lowered, no presidents crying. No media hyperventilating. Normal day.”  

I usually find the Babylon Bee pretty funny.  However, one of their recent “stories” was too true to be funny.  

The title sums it up.  

Nation That Kills 3,000 Babies A Day Feels Morally Superior To Slaveowners From 200 Years Ago.  

Here’s the “article”: https://babylonbee.com/news/nation-that-kills-3000-babies-a-day-feels-morally-superior-to-slaveowners-from-200-years-ago

Gary Demar, over at American Vision, issued a call today for the Governor of Georgia to ignore the Federal government, and to ignore the Supreme Court.  He issued a call for the Governor to simply ban abortions in his state.  The call to action is here: https://americanvision.org/23846/georgia-governor-should-declare-unborn-babies-persons-and-shut-down-all-abortuaries/

He’d better do it.  And so had 49 other governors.  The natives in the movie Apocalypto thought life was going to continue for them as it had for years.  It wasn’t.  Spanish ships were already landing on their shores.  

We Americans think that life is going to continue as normal for us.  Football, basketball, baseball, and free goodies from the Federal government.  Games and circuses.  Panem et circenses

It isn’t going to last.  

Things are falling apart.  But, really… why are we surprised?

By the way, I am not necessarily recommending the movie Apocalypto.  It’s brutal.  If you do watch it, though, keep Mel Gibson’s warning in mind.

And, if you find that article, please let me know.