My wife and I, and two of my girls are on the road for a bit.

After his car accident some time ago, my son has moved around quite a bit.  These days, he lives in Maine.  We were going to drive up to Maine to see him, but Covid changed things, and we decided to meet up in New Hampshire instead.

So, that is where we are today.  Lincoln, New Hampshire.

My family lived in New Hampshire for a few years when I was a kid, but I have never been to Lincoln.

Haven’t seen much of it yet.  We spent about 24 hours in the car yesterday and the day before.  So, when we arrived in Lincoln, we simply found our place and crashed.  We haven’t been out.

But, gosh.  The drive through Vermont and New Hampshire was stunning.  I sometimes forget just how beautiful America is.  And vast.  Our country is enormous.

After hanging out with my son for a few days, my girls and I are going to attempt to bike the Erie Canal.  Long distance bike rides are my favorite pastime.  Somehow, I was able to talk some family members into joining me.

Anyway, the point of all of this is this.  Two points, actually.

First, I will be changing the course of my site for the next few months.  Travel.  Health.  Life.  Tips.  Etc.  That’s the direction until September.

Second, I will still be answering emails, and from time to time, blogging about Latin and languages.

So, that’s where this blog is going this summer.  Just wanted to let you guys know.

If I seem to be talking only about smoothies and biking, don’t worry.  I am not quitting my job as a Latin teacher.  Just taking a break from Latin for a while.