Good morning, everyone!

I have not posted anything in a few days, and may not post much for a few more days.  I am also behind on emails.

My family and I are on the road.  We are currently in Chicago.  We drove up yesterday.

From Chicago, we are making our way back to Greece.

I am desperately attempting to master Greek and Italian.  Every decade, I choose a new language (or, two) to master.  I turn 45 this month.  Before I turn 50, I want to be able to speak Greek and Italian.  I would like to become fluent, but I am getting older.  So, I would be happy with proficient.

Anyway, I will be on the road, or in the air, for the next few days.

We are headed to Paros, Greece.  From there, I hope to start blogging again, and from there, I will catch up on emails.

Thanks for being patient with me!