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A student is confused about infinitives.

I received this question: Dear Mr. Thomas, I am having some trouble understanding infinitive verbs. As I have learned, an active infinitive such as audire translates as to hear, whereas a passive infinitive such as audiri translates as to be heard. Oddly, I have seen...

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An online Spanish class

A good friend of mine is offering an online Spanish class.  Since so many of you have asked me to teach Spanish, I knew you would be interested. I am not planning to teach Spanish anytime soon.  And, even if I did offer a class, it would have to be more of a "Learn...

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After Henle Latin… Visual Latin or Lingua Latina?

I received this question: My son trudged through Latin this year for the first time in Classical Conversations Challenge 1. As you know, they use Henle. We’re not continuing with CC, but would like him to get his second year of Latin. He definitely learned some Latin...

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