I no longer want to be popular.

I received this email:

Your classes…  I’d like to promote them… 

Is there an affiliate link I may use?  (I’m a Visual Latin affiliate.)

And, can folks try the classes for a month and then cancel if necessary?Thanks!

Here is my reply:

Yes.  Join anytime.  Cancel anytime.  No penalties.  

Now, brace yourself for the weirdest request ever…

Please don’t promote my classes.  Heh.  

I am only slightly kidding.  I am overwhelmed.  Not sure how much more popularity I can take.  

Promote Visual Latin all you like.  

I do not make these up. Promise.

Still trying to catch up on emails.  This one made me very happy!

“As I’ve told you many times, you made Latin possible for this home schooled family!  When my daughter requested to study Latin, I was so against it.  I made her study Spanish.  With no interest, it didn’t go well.  Eventually, I had to give in. 

I began disastrously with Wheelock..and then found you.  We did VL together.  After a while, we came to feel  “A day without Dwayne, is like a day without sunshine!” 

– Joy


Fat chance. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts.

“Three years ago, our local football team here in Seattle won the NFL championship. Leading up to the Super Bowl game and afterward was an orgy of celebration, a non-stop display of team jingoism. Every other car, home, and shop had a “12th Man” banner. Half the population had a T-shirt or a cap with the team logo.

OK, I get it. Pride in the home team and all that. But could we display maybe 1% as much pride when a local author wins a National Book Award or a local scientist wins a Nobel prize?

When was the last time we had a parade for them, or for so many who contribute so much to make this world a better place: teachers, librarians, researchers, scientists, authors, poets, and others.

If I had my way, I’d make a teacher’s salary on par with a football coach’s salary, at least in public institutions. You want to pay the football coach more, sure, go ahead, as long as those who teach also get a pay raise. Why not? Whether you’re a football fan or not, you’d surely agree that teachers make a bigger contribution in this world.”

Anu Garg.

Find out more about Anu Garg here: https://wordsmith.org/anu/

At least it’s free!

It astonishes me that we believe the people who run the Department of Motor Vehicles are qualified to educate our children. 

But, hey!  At least it’s free!  Kind of.

Oh, wait a minute… I have paid $1500 a year in property taxes for 20 years.  Most of that goes to the government schools.  Let’s see.  That’s $30,000 for a product I have never used.  

But, other than that, it’s free!  

These questions… again.

I received these questions:

How many weeks is your class? (Does it somewhat correspond to the CC 30-week plan)? Do you assign homework and do you collect it/grade it? Will the homework correspond at all to the CC 30 week Latin I (Challenge I) curriculum?

And just to be sure, he will be able to watch the lecture after it has broadcast live? (which is around 0700 PST on Wed I think).

And one final question, besides the lectures, what other materials will he have access to with the subscription?


Here is my reply:

Continue reading These questions… again.

Follow the title.

I received this question:

Perfect – Ok so from reading your Q&A it sounds like keep my Henle kid in Henle 2 – and once she completes that she will have 3 years of Latin?

Here is my reply:

Slowly catching up.  Yes.  As best I can tell, it seems most schools treat Henle 1 as Intro to Latin, Latin 1, and Latin 2. 

Henle 2 is treated as Latin 3. 

It’s confusing. 

I prefer to go with the names of the book.

Latin 1 = First Year Latin by Robert Henle

Latin 2 = Second Year Latin by Robert Henle

Latin 3 = Third Year Latin by Robert Henle

Have a happy Friday!

This applies to many of my students…

I realized after I read your email that I needed to streamline.  If you are confused, many people are confused.  So, I have begun the process of cleaning up my site. I want everything to be crystal-clear to my students.  
In the past, I left old classes up in case students needed to go back and watch them.  Now, I will simply post the most current class and delete the others.  This will eliminate some of the confusion.
I also sent a separate syllabus in the past.   But, this meant that students had to go to the syllabus, then go to my site.  Now, I have updated my site so that the homework instructions will be included at the beginning of each lesson.
For example, this is from lesson one:

Work outside of class will basically be the same every week.

That’s it!  Be patient with yourself.  It takes time to learn Latin.  Thousands of others have done it.  You can, too.


I have also made it clear that many of the extra videos on my site are just that.  They are extra.  They are optional.  They are not required.
The homework assignment, like the one you see above, will rarely change.  The content will change, but the structure will not.
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