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I almost emailed her back….

I received this series of questions: I've been worming my way through the vocab lists, making myself flashcards so I can more easily drill myself on this bewildering number of words.  Since I really like to know *everything* that a word means, I've been using...

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Could I see an example class?

People are often confused by all that I offer.  That's fine.  Here's what's going on. Visual Latin is a professionally filmed series.  I do not personally sell it.  It is available here from Compass Classroom. Once they have completed Visual Latin many of my students...

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Coronavirus silver lining

I agree 100% with Dr. Gary North.  "The greatest enemy of freedom in American history has been the public school system." But, hey.  Silver lining.  The public schools are closed. Last week, Dr. North published the following on his site:

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