I received this comment:

I have been trying to do this on my own and I realize I do not know enough and need your help!!! Ha!

My inquiry to you is about the cost of grading for the year, which I understand is $500. Is that the cost per each child? I will have two children (ages 16 and 13) taking Henle First year.

Thank you for your good nature and attitude in dealing with indecisive homeschooling moms.

Here is my reply:

No worries.  This happens all the time.  🙂

Nope.  It’s $500 per family.  

I like helping people.  Unlike some other online programs, I don’t have a desire to squeeze families for every last dollar I can get from them.  

I see myself as a helpful advisor, not a money extraction machine.  

I am likely leaving money on the table.  Maybe a lot of money.

That’s okay.  I can sleep well at night this way.

Have a happy Friday!

Dwane Thomas