What America’s economy needs most is increased productivity. We need to be able to compete in world markets. We need more investment, especially in education, but not the education provided by tax-funded bureaucrats, i.e., classroom teachers. We need education in entrepreneurship. We need education by market-tested masters.

We need a return to apprenticeship. This is not going to happen. This country spends over $270 billion a year on education, and most of this money goes for classroom instruction in tax-funded, tenure-governed institutions. These institutions are well-organized politically. They are not going to turn loose of the money tree.

Would you rather spend a year as an apprentice to Donald Trump or as an apprentice to a tenured professor of marketing who has never worked in private industry? Give me The Donald! Americans instinctively know this. Nobody would watch The Apprentice if the mentor were Professor Anyone. Nobody would tune in to hear Professor Anyone say, “You flunked!”

The state touts education as a cure-all. But it touts only state-funded education. It seeks to feather its own bureaucratic nest. The result: a soiled nest. There are too many degree-holders and not enough entrepreneurs. There are too many lawyers and not enough engineers.

– Dr. Gary North in To Save the Dollar, Save a Dollar.  Read the full article here: https://www.garynorth.com/public/19019.cfm