This time of year, I send a lot of refunds.

This is one of the reasons I no longer offer a discounted annual rate.  To set this up, I have to set the payments up recurring annually.  People are excited when they join.  “Sure,” they think, “we will stick around for three years.”

No.  You won’t.  Latin is as hard as algebra.  You are going to want to quit.  Then, when you do quit, I am going to refund the next automatic payment that you set up last year.

This is why I changed my site to a monthly subscription site.  It makes cancellation easier for both of us.

This is also why I warn you NOT to join my online classes unless you are ready for a real challenge.  Latin is tough.  The books I use are tough.  The pace is tough.  Please, do not sign up unless you have grit and determination.  You are going to quit.  Your kids are going to want to quit.  These are not easy courses.

If you feel you are not ready, or if you feel your kids are too young, then go with Visual Latin.  You can move at your own pace.

People love, love, love my online classes.  Just read this page:  But don’t be fooled.  Just because people love the classes, that does not mean the classes are easy.

People also love, love, love the prices I charge.  Here is why:

But, please.  Do not join unless you understand the warnings.  The online classes I teach are not for the faint of heart.  Within 18 months (sometimes less) you will be reading the New Testament in Latin.  You just can’t accomplish that goal without some serious work.