Years ago, in futile attempt to get permanently out of the classroom, I bought a small house out in the country.

The plan was simple. I was going to fix it up and sell it.  Then, I was going to do it again.  If all went well, I could transfer out of the classroom and into real estate investing.

Never happened.

The seller lied about the septic tank, the inspector didn’t catch it, and I ended up owning a worthless little house.

Now, the neighbor is complaining and the county has given me an ultimatum.  I have to tear down the house.

A few weeks ago, I hired a guy to start demolition.  Paid him $2,500 up front.  He took the money and ran.

So… this morning, I begin tearing the house down myself.

I leave the country in three weeks.  During the next three weeks, I will be working hard to demolish a house.  Fortunately, it’s pretty small.  1,000 square feet, or so.

I will still be teaching classes until the first week of May.

If you don’t hear from me right away, it’s just because I am slinging a sledgehammer.