Now that the new site is up and running, I can get back to work.

So, back to work.

People have started asking about next year’s schedule.

So, here goes.

First, a short story.  I once worked for a school that released upcoming schedules in three stages.  Red.  Yellow.  Green.   Literally.  Around January, they would print the upcoming school schedule on red paper.  The red schedule might be full of mistakes.

After a month or so of red, and after a month or so of feedback, they would print and distribute a schedule on yellow paper.  The yellow schedule was less flexible than the red schedule and most of the mistakes were gone.  Still, the schedule was not final.

Finally, the school would release a green schedule.  Green meant go.  The schedule was firm and would not be changed.

That said, here is my RED schedule.

It turns out, 80% of my students are in only a few of my most popular classes.  (Thanks a lot, Vilfredo Pareto.)

I will be moving my most popular classes to popular times.


  • Lingua Latina chapters 1 – 19 (Latin 1) will start at 9 AM Central Time Zone on Wednesdays.
  • Lingua Latina chapters 20 – 34 (Latin 2) will start at 10 AM Central Time Zone on Wednesdays.
  • First Year Latin by Robert Henle (Latin 1) will start at 11 AM Central Time Zone on Wednesdays.
  • Learn Italian With Me will start at 1 PM Central Time Zone on Wednesdays.


Now, it gets weird.

I am going to move my least popular classes to some unpopular hours.   I once offered an early morning vocabulary class and I liked it.  Then, the slings and arrows of life took me down.  And, January.  January helped take me down.  Thanks, January.

Still, I liked teaching in the morning.  Got me out of bed early.  I’ve misplaced that skill.

That said, I am currently planning to move Greek, Roma Aeterna, Second Year Latin, and Third Year Latin by Robert Henle to the wee hours.  Those classes will begin at 5 AM Central Time Zone.

I know those times are inconvenient for many people, but not many people are in those classes anyway.  And, not a whole lot of participation takes place because they are all such difficult books.  I think I would teach those classes better when I am crazy alert in the mornings… which is when I am crazy alert.

Of course, if you don’t want to get up early to learn ancient Greek, then there could be something wrong with you.

I’m kidding.

What I meant to say was, “Of course, if you don’t want to get up early to learn ancient Greek, then you can always watch class later.”

As I said, this is a RED schedule.  If you hate it, you can throw things at me.  I will consider your feedback.  Also, I will keep anything valuable that you throw.

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