It’s been a while since I have sent out a “tip of the week”.  For the last few months, I have been on the road.  At first, I tried to keep up with my online schedule.  But, after a few weeks, I gave up.  There was just too much flux in my life.  I lost my routine.  I am not too worried about it.  No one complained… and now I am back.

I listen to many audiobooks.  Audiobooks are a great way to learn while biking, driving, walking, hiking, running, or while attending family reunions.  Ha!  I kid.  Maybe.

I have an Audible account.  I enjoy it and I use it.

But, I also have an account with Scribd.

Scribd blows me away.  For a long time, I have hesitated to recommend it.  I have heard that it is difficult to cancel an account once you open one.  Perhaps that is true.  However, I no longer worry about canceling.  I have become a huge fan of Scribd.

A monthly membership to Scribd is $9.  If you don’t like audiobooks, and if you don’t like reading on a computer screen, Scribd is likely not for you.   If, however, like me, you spend a lot of time reading and researching, you may find Scribd to be a gold mine.  I sure have.

I am currently listening to the audiobook Imperium by Robert Harris.  Imperium is a novel of ancient Rome.  In particular, it is a novel of the ancient orator Cicero.  I am really enjoying it.  It is giving me a tremendous amount of insight into the life of the famous orator.  If you are reading through the Henle Latin series, Imperium is the background behind Henle 3.  (By the way, I would give the book a PG-13 rating at this point.  There is a minor amount of swearing.  I am not finished with the book yet.)

Scribd is so much more than audiobooks, by the way.  Simply type a topic into the search bar and you will find you have instant access to books, audiobooks, magazines, comic books, and even sheet music all pertaining to the topic.  I’ll bet some of you get much more out if than I do.  After all, I am always typing “Greek” or “Latin” into the search bar.  Those tend to be pretty narrow topics.

Anyway, check Scribd out.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Have a happy Saturday! (What’s left of it)

P.S. I will be in Manitou Springs Colorado from August 12 – August 16.  I am going to a bicycle mechanic school.  I will be leaving August 17.  If anyone wants to get together, just reply to this email.  If enough people are interested in getting together, we could meet at a Starbucks in the Colorado Springs area.

Another P.S.  I have posted the most recent rendition of my upcoming classes here:  Classes will start after Labor Day.   If you want to join an upcoming class, just go here: