September: the ninth month of the year.  September follows August, and precedes October.  

September was the seventh month of the Roman year.  Under the old Roman calendar, the year began in March.  Now, instead of celebrating the new year in March (which is quite logical, actually), we celebrate in January.  

At some point, calendar reforms shifted the year back two months. September was the seventh month until sometime around 150 BC.  In 46 BC, during the reign of Julius Caesar, September picked up an extra day.  Instead of 29 days, the month now has, you guessed it… 30 days.

September, then, once the 7th month of the year, has become the 9th month of the year… but still with a name that means seventh!  Similar to Freedom Friday… but, still on a Tuesday!  

At some point, the Roman word September replaced the capable Old English word hærfestmonað.  Look closely.  That’s right, the Old English word describes September perfectly.  It was harvest-month.