Recently, I posted a quick start guide to getting started online.

I listed twelve steps.  

Here are three even quicker ways to get started online.  

Any of these three would work.  

The trick is to start.

#1.  Start a blog, newsletter, podcast, You Tube channel or Instagram account.  

#2.  Read the top books in your area of interest.  Review those books on your blog, newsletter, podcast, YouTube channel or Instagram account.

Or, review books, different products, softwares, games, or anything else you are interested in.  Literally anything.  I do this.  I make a good living talking about Latin, for crying out loud.  

Or, invite experts to share their knowledge in a field of interest.  Invite them onto your podcast, or blog and interview them about their expertise.  Joe Rogan does this.  So does Tim Ferris.  Many podcasters do this.  You can, too.

It’s very likely your competition does not do this.

The Pareto principle governs.  20% of the people take action.  80% do not.

This is an easy way to set yourself apart.

Even if no one ever comes to your blog (unlikely), you will be able to point to your blog to demonstrate to your employer that you are an action taker.  You are a mover.  You are serious.

The key is to begin.  Take action.