I received this question:

Good evening!  I heard about your classes through a friend who’s daughter is using your recorded classes.  I have a daughter who is a sophomore and struggling through an online French year 2 class.  My husband and I cannot help her b/c we both took Spanish in High school and college.  We are thinking of having our daughter do your recorded classes for this year and possibly live next year. My main concern or question is, if my daughter has not had Latin since she was in 5th or 6th grade will she be ready for Henle?  I know in a thread you recommend Lingua Latina, do you know if that curriculum is acceptable to Liberal Arts colleges?  Thank you in advance.

Here is my reply:

If you can avoid Henle Latin, I would.  Henle Latin could kill any interest she has in Latin.   It is heavily grammatical and can be a real killjoy. I see the damage every day.

If you have a choice Lingua Latina is the way to go.  It’s tough but well worth the uphill climb.  It is internationally and academically respected.  As far as I know, all universities accept it.   

The problem is me.  Since I am not a school, some students have had a hard time getting my classes accepted.  I am always willing to write letters for students and this usually works.

I wonder if your daughter has toyed around with French on DuoLingo?  One of my daughters taught herself French for free on DuoLingo and was able to rent a car for our family while we were in France.  Your daughter might want to check it out before she gives up on French.

Let me know if you need more help!  Happy to help however I can.