I received this question:

We are in CC and Henle is wonky. Of course. We’re making it work(ish) and want to continue with CC well, but do so wisely.

Might there be a way to jump in with Lingua Latina lessons and still be on schedule with her CC Challenge class? She’s in First Year, exercise #168.


Here is my reply:

Lingua Latina is phenomenal.  Once you start reading it, you will likely love it.  Most students do.  It’s challenging, but so so good.

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to jump into the middle of the book.  There is a simple reason.  It’s a novel.  It just doesn’t make any sense if you jump into the middle of it.

For this reason, my recommendation is always the same.  Start in chapter one and just start reading.  With CC and Henle in her background, it should be easy for her to read right though the first several chapters.

There is another thing you guys could do.  Stay in Henle.  It’s tedious and dull, yes, but it does get the job done.  It does teach kids Latin.  But, when you want something interesting to read, just go to Lingua Latina.  Treat it as an extra “reader”.  Lingua Latina will be much more interesting, and it will introduce you to so much more vocabulary.

Hope that helps!