I received this email:

“We are working through your Latin Lessons 1 -30. On the lesson 22 chart it has listed that “illi” is the plural masculine form of “these”, “liiae” as the plural feminine form of “these” and “illa” as the plural neuter form of “these.”

We thought “illi”, “illiae” and “illa” were foms of “those.” Is this a typo are are we missing something.

Along those lines, could you explain the answer to question 19 on test XXIII.

Thanks so much!”

Here is my reply:

You have found a mistake.  We thought we had eliminated all mistakes, but, as you now know, we clearly have not.  I have already fixed it on the master copy, but, that is no help to you.  🙂

Yes, it should be “those”, not “these.”  

As for question 19, on test 23… 

  1.  Illi equi qui in fluvio sunt magni equi sunt.     A) this horse     B) that horse     C) these horses     D) those horses

The answer should be (D), those horses because, yep, illi means those not these.  I must have been having a pretty bad day.

Thank you for your help on this.  I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused.