I received this question:

My son has a class at 11:00 sharp on Tuesdays as well at a local homeschooling families house.  He has to bike there so he would need to depart here no later than 10:30…thus having to leave the Tuesday class early.  Is that ok?  I know he can go back and watch what he missed.  Just wanted to check.

Here is my reply:

Sure!  Not a problem.  I have students who do this all the time.  I try to have classes up a few hours after the live classes.

But, my favorite part is that your son will be biking.  :-). I bike to work every day.  Even though I am only a mile from work, I try to go the round about way and end up biking 15 to 20 miles to get to work.  I love biking.  And, hate cars.  But, I should shut up now before I start ranting.

Anyway, sure.  Skipping class is not a problem at all on my site. 

Hope you are having a great day!