Many of you know that a few weeks ago, Google turned my email off.  No warning.  Just turned it off.

Since I do a lot via email, this was rather annoying.

I believe all is well now.  I have access to email once again.  Of course, I know have a pile of emails to crawl out from under, but so be it.  Happy to have access again to this useful modern tool.

A short hiatus from email turned out to be a blessing.

Freed up some time for other projects.

I am almost done with my upcoming book on goals.  And, I decided to start posting a word a day again on Facebook.  I stopped about five years ago.  Mostly because I was annoyed with the arrival of Facebook Messenger and all the extra steps that came with it.  But, I have decided to come back.  If you want to follow along, and learn a new word every weekday, you can do so here:

I also have at least one other exciting (to me anyway) development to announce.  But, you will have to wait a week to hear about that.  So, horses.  Hold ’em.