Special Webinars

From time to time, I will teach short multi-week classes on a particular topic.  In 2015, for example, I started with a very popular three-week class about the Harry Potter series.

This year, I am considering the following:


The Hidden Meaning in Harry Potter

From Latin to Italian

English Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots

National Latin exam


If you are a monthly, or yearly subscriber, you automatically have access to the webinars as you have access to everything I teach.

Beginning November 8, 2016, all new subscriptions will end on July 1.  If you would like to maintain a monthly subscription rather than join again in August, just let me know.  It is best to contact me at dwane@visuallatin.com.

As always, all subscriptions are FAMILY subscriptions.  Everyone in the family is welcome to enroll.

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If you are not a monthly, or yearly subscriber, each webinar costs $19.   This will give you access to the live webinar as well as access to the recordings of the webinar.

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