I grew up with the worldview that everything was going to become increasingly worse until finally, the last few true believers would be pulled off the planet.

After the rescue would come the apocalypse.

I now believe that is nonsense.

As Dr. Gary North says, “We are not about to enter a dark age. We are about to enter an age of greater liberty and wealth. It is time to watch Hans Rosling’s video once again. We had better watch it at least once a year.”

When I was a kid, communism was supposed to take over the world.  Instead, it collapsed.  I was on the Berlin wall during the week it came down.  A few months later, East Germany was no more.  And, in 1991, The Soviet Union closed its doors. It simply went out of business with barely a whimper.

Like it or not, the gospel of Jesus Christ is winning.  It will continue to win.  All empires will kneel.