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Find your happy place.

I don’t know how travel writers do it.

I just spent five weeks working from the road.  If I were to grade my performance, I would give myself a C -.  Maybe a D +.

I fell behind on emails, blogs, the word of the day, and new YouTube videos.

As I said, I do not know how travel writers do it.

During our travels, my family and I visited the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California.

On the wall, near his re-created studio, was this quote:

I have the feeling that working in the same room is the only guarantee of keeping going.  Somehow, a change of scenery makes working more difficult, but sitting down in the same place each day turns on the creativity.”                                                                               – Charles M. Schulz

I think he is right.  I tried to work from the road… and failed miserably.

Now I am home and I am ready to get back to work.  For the next 8 months, or so, I will be working from the same room.  I hope that sitting down in the same place each day will turn on the creativity.

I suggest you do the same.  Find out where you love to work, and turn on the creativity!


Mastering your Craft


It took me ten years to achieve fluency in Latin.  During that time, I also developed the ability to rise early, speak in public, invest in real estate, read in Greek, French, and Italian.  I used to bemoan the fact that these skills took so long to develop.  Not anymore.

Ever wonder why it takes so long to master something?  Here’s why:


by James Clear


A recent study tracked the ages of Nobel Prize winners, great inventors, and scientists. The researchers found that most groundbreaking work peaked during the late thirties — at least a full decade into any individual career. Even in the fields of science and math, creative breakthroughs often require ten years or more or work.

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