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My favorite email this week.

Last week, I jokingly threatened to shut my site down.  Or, maybe I was serious.  Can’t remember.  🙂

Anyway, I then received this message:

“I want to encourage you to please keep up the wonderful work you do to help us all with Latin (and some of us Greek) daily.  Please, please, please don’t shut down your site!  I, and so many others rely on it to learn.   

So I want to thank you for all that you do to keep posting lessons, videos, answers, and the hundreds of things that you do to serve us.   I am soooo grateful to have found your website and your resources.” 

– Daphne

 I have bills to pay, so I really can’t shut my site down.  But, notes like this one really make some of the annoying work of running a website much easier. 

Thanks, Daphne!

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Came at the right time…

I am pretty tired these days.  My site was attacked on Friday.  That’s all cleaned up now, but I am tired.  And, now I have an incredible amount of work to catch up on.

Just at the right time, this note showed up:

I am in your Henle class, though doing most videos outside of class time right now.  I am a mother of four, not a high school student.  I’ve been catching up on some missed videos lately and just have to say how much I am enjoying the quizzes as much as the commentary in class and supplemental information.   One of my favorite quiz answers is “Cur miles coffee meam habet?”  It was not listed as the correct answer, but just had to say, it IS the correct answer. 🙂  Thank you for making Latin both enriching intellectually AND fun.  I am teaching some sixth-grade boys that are fans of yours and trying to convince some young Henle students (or rather their mothers), just to let them take your class next year.   I am introducing them to Visual Latin and “Think Outside the Border.”  Thanks for all you do!


This note made me happy.

I received this email over the weekend:

“Your classes have been wonderful, and for the first time Latin is actually making since to me and both my children. I am so thankful for you and your resources.

Thank you, again, for all that you do because you are helping so many people. On our CC campus people are continually saying how much you have helped them through Visual Latin and your other resources. I just wanted you to know that you are a blessing!”

– Kami