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After Visual Latin?

I received this question:


We have used the Visual Latin for the past 2 years and are sad that it’s ending. My son is going to be in high school and wants to continue his study of Latin… so what would be a good next step for us?


Here is my reply:

Good morning!

If he wants to go beyond Visual Latin, I would recommend one of the next level online Latin classes on my site: www.dwanethomas.com.  I designed these classes precisely for students who wanted to go beyond Visual Latin.

You can find out more here: https://dwanethomas.com/subscribe/

And, here is the schedule for next year: https://dwanethomas.com/schedule/



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Some impressive work from an impressive student…

A 15 year-old girl sent a homework assignment to me.   Here are the first three questions and answers:

1.       Quid fecit Achilles?   Hectorum ducem Troianum interfecit atque corpus eius mortuum post currum suum traxit circum moenia Urbis troiae. 

2.       Quid fecit Romulus?   Prima moenia Romana aedificavit et Remum fratrem interfecit quia moenia humilia deridebat.  

 3.       Qualem fabulam Quintus audire cupit?   Quintus dicit, “Iam vero nec de hominibus nec de bestiis audire cupio. Narra mihi fabulam de aliquot feroci monstro, cui caput bestiae et corpus hominis est quod homines vivos vorat!”

After grading her homework, I sent this note to her:

Good grief.  Can I ask you a personal question (I may have asked before…)?  How old are you?  From time to time, I like to blog about my star students.  You rank among them.  You continue to consistently score high even in the upper-level chapters.   This is very impressive and very rare.   Well done!

Here is her reply:

Mr. Thomas,

I really appreciate your kind words.  I put a lot of time into Latin and you motivate me to keep trying to do my best.   You are a great teacher.

For the first year of Lingua Latina I did your quizzes as my form of grading and was progressing well with a good average grade, but this year I switched to Pensum C as my means of grading, it is much more work, but I am understanding the book so much better now and having more fun. Whenever I start a new chapter I first make a list of the Pensum C questions and do my best to translate them. Then as I am reading the chapter, in class with you, or watching the old videos I will be looking for answers to the questions.   The book always has the answers and it becomes almost like a game finding them. Sometimes they only need a slight adjustment in order to work as an answer.  Other times I like to come up with my own answers just for fun.   You have done a great job making Latin enjoyable.  Even when I am struggling on a topic I know that with your help, if I put enough effort into it, I can eventually understand it.  All of those endings are going to take some time, though!         

One last note from me:  

Thanks for saying all of that.  I have been grading for the last six or seven hours and I am tired of it.  Yesterday, I graded for 9 hours or so.  I only say that to say this.  You likely have no idea what your diligence means to me.  When I see your name in my inbox, I know that I am going to read good work.  If you exercise the same level of diligence in all your work, then you must be a very good student.

I doubt you will get such an offer from the eels.

I received this question:

Hi Dwayne! My kids are enrolled in Classical Conversations, and using Henle Latin. I was hoping for some clarification on the pricing. Wondering Monthly Subscription (Academic Months) means Sept -May it is $34/month ($306) and the Monthly Subscription for $25 is only for June/July/Aug. Also what’s the difference between annual subscription for $250 and Annual Subscription for $500. Is the $500 with grading? Thanks for the clarification! We hope to join you this year! Oh, and if we pay annual subscription can we access all the video lessons all year long? Thanks so much!

Here is my reply:

Continue reading I doubt you will get such an offer from the eels.

Classes start tomorrow

Quite a few of you have emailed to me to let me know that you are not receiving, or have not received, the links for classes.

Classes start tomorrow.

If you have not received the instructions and links for a class, please email me at dwane@visuallatin.com.

This system that I used to collect emails has failed me.  I am working to rectify the situation immediately.

Meanwhile, many of you have fallen through the cracks. Contact me right away.

I am doing everything I can to make sure that tomorrow’s classes launch smoothly.


People just can’t believe it, I guess.

I get this question, or questions like this, every week:

I have two kids entering Challenge 1 this year in CC, and I am interested in your Henle 1 class. Would I need to pay 250.00 per child? Also, if I were to sign them up for the class where their work is graded, would it be 500.00 per child? Thanks for your time,

Here is my reply:

Good morning, Sarah!

In response to your question, no.  One price per family.  I have switched my site so that there is a family price, instead of an individual price for each student. I am tired of getting ripped off all the time for having a large family.   I decided to treat others the way I would like to be treated.  

I guess people just can’t believe that I’m serious.   This explains why the question keeps popping up.

I like helping people.  Unlike some other online programs, I don’t have a desire to squeeze families for every last dollar I can get from them.

I see myself as a helpful advisor, not a money extraction machine. I am likely leaving money on the table.  Maybe a lot of money.  That’s okay.  I can sleep well at night this way.

Why am I charged during the summer?

When you join one of my online class, you have two payment options.  You could pay for the entire year up front.  This option comes with a discount.  

If you hire me to grade your children’s work, you will pay $50 a month, or $600 a year.  Or, you could opt for a $100 discount, and pay for the entire year up front.  If you chose this option, you will pay $500 per year. (Note: At the moment, 2017, this option is no longer available.  I am maxed out.  I cannot grade the work of any more students.  I am looking for a solution and hope to have an update soon.)

If you would like access to all of the live classes, recordings, and online automated quizzes, but you do not want me to personally grade your children’s work, you will pay $25 a month, or $300 a year.   Or, you could opt for a $50 discount, and pay for the entire year up front.  If you chose this option, you will pay $250 per year.

If you opt to pay monthly, my site is going to charge you $25, or $50 each month.   Of course, this means that you are going to send payment during June, July, and August.  I do not teach live classes during those months, but you will still have access to the old classes and quizzes.  You will also still be able to contact me.

I have done the research for you.  Most online Latin providers are going to charge you quite a bit more.  Also, pay close attention to how long the process takes.

Years to complete

Average Annual Price

Monthly  Price

Think Outside the Border

1 to 2



Classical Academic Press




Veritas Scholars Online




Carmeta Online Latin




Harvard Online Latin




Lone Pine Classical

2 – 3



Memoria Press

3 – 10



Classical Learning Resource Center




You do not need to learn Latin to live a happy life.  You know that.  I know that.  It is likely that someone else decided that your children needed to learn Latin.   It is likely that you are simply trying to satisfy some educational requirement in order to get your kids through high school.

I can help you, and I can do it at the best price.  If you pay for the entire year up front, or if you opt to pay monthly,  you are still getting help with a difficult subject, and you are getting that help at the best possible price.