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This note made me happy:

“We just made the decision (rather reluctantly ) last weekend to be done with Latin.  Henry is entering his junior year and is beginning some college courses for dual credit.  You have had a positive powerful influence on Henry’s education from Visual Latin to Roma Aeterna, and I greatly appreciate all your hard work. For awhile you were his only other teacher besides me!  He tested for honors English at our local community college and I know your Latin teachings contributed to his excelling in English.”

– Kim

Notes like this keep me going…

The Latin and Greek world can be a lonely world of dry, dusty books.  Notes like this keep me going:

“I just wanted to let you know that I am loving your classes! I say that in the plural form because even though I am really taking the Lingua Latina class, I am also watching Henle 2 videos as well. I love reading through the Gallic Wars and find your maps and your explanations so helpful and interesting. Oh yes, I am also taking your Matthew class. This is all possible because of you! I thank you so much. Your classes and knitting are my favorite things to do. Thank you so much. You are a Godsend to me.”

– Patty

Praise for the online class

A adult student in Japan has been watching the Lingua Latina recordings.

He sent this note:

I’m really surprised at the way you teach Latin.  Your magic wand makes the “dead” language so alive and approchable that I always feel as if I were learning present-day French or German.  Your, and the texbook’s, way, for that matter, of repeating indefatigably the basic and most essential parts of grammar is admirable, for I know, from my own life-long experience of learning and teaching English, that there is no shortcut for leaning foreign languages other than repetition and memorization.

But, as everyone knows, repetition and memorization are usually tedious and tiresome, which you make miraculously enjoyable and relaxing.  Your casual way of explanation has a great deal to do with that class atmosphere, no doubt.