I received this question:

My daughter is in your Henle 3 Latin class.  Do you provide any grade for the class?  Thanks for the info.

Here is my reply:

Unfortunately, no. As this has been the first year I’ve ever taught Third Year Latin by Robert Henle, I am still trying to figure out how to provide grades for that class. I don’t have tests and quizzes yet on my site for that level. But, your email reminds me that this is a problem.  This Is something I need to address right away.  
For a short-term solution, I would have students take the old national Latin exams.  Exams and keys are provided. Students could take the test (as many as they like) and grade themselves.  I would focus the Latin two exams for this class.
If you would like to practice some of the tests on your own, go to this page: http://nle.org/exams.html
Scroll down until you see: 
PREVIOUS EXAMS and Keys Online
Copies of the previous National Latin Exams and Keys can be viewed online with Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 9 or later, and printed for practice.
Some time ago, the students through many of the exams.  Your daughter may find those classes helpful.  They are available here:
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