I received this question:

Is there online testing for Latin 2?  I told Janae I wasn’t seeing any reports of grades for her.  She’s only on lesson 9 right now, so are they at the end of a segment or just none for Latin 2?  Thanks,

Here is my reply:

Hi, Misty!

For Lingua Latina, yes.  Those tests are good to go.

As for Henle 2, there isn’t much at the moment.  Students in Henle 2 are welcome to send assignments to me for a grade.  I will check their work.  I ask them to post assignments in the forum first.  Here is the Henle 2 forum: https://dwanethomas.com/forums-second-year-latin-henle/

That said, I am working diligently to create tests right now.  The Henle series is a terribly difficult series to do this with.  I hope to have the tests ready to go by mid-December.

I will be relying on the help of students during this process.  I hope that they will spot my mistakes and let me know when they do.  There will be mistakes.  I am creating 32 tests with 50 questions.  Each question will have four multiple choice options.  This means I will be typing 6,400 sentences… mostly in Latin.  So, yeah.  There will be mistakes. 

Incidentally, the first test is ready to go.  Here it is: https://dwanethomas.com/module-1/lesson-1-test/

Hope you are having a great day!