Today I finished writing the rough drafts for Second Year Latin tests on my site.

I started this project on October 27, 2018.

Took a while to finish.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to write over 1,200 questions and answers for Second Year Latin by Robert Henle without writing a single questions involving killing, maiming, slaughtering, or murdering?

Pretty hard.  That’s how hard.

Well, it’s done.

Now, I will begin typing the tests, editing them, turning them into documents, and loading them into my site.  This part will take me another week, or so.

Just so you know, there are 32 chapters in Second Year Latin by Robert Henle.  I wrote 30 tests.  The last two chapters of the book are so short, I didn’t bother making tests.

That gives you guys 30 tests to take if you are reading the book.  My site will track your grades.  You don’t have to.

Once I finish typing and loading these tests, it’s on to Third Year Latin by Robert Henle.

And now, my regular public notice:

Remember.  There is a better way to learn Latin.  Lingua Latina.   Or, Visual Latin.  Or, my favorite, a combination of both.  I am serious.  I have seen the emails from thousands of people who have tried it both ways.  I never see happy Henle emails.  Ever.

I see happy Lingua Latina and Visual Latin emails all the time.

Here’s a page dedicated to them:

If you want to learn Latin this summer, I offer several options.  Click here to check out Visual Latin.

Or, if you’d rather just jump into Lingua Latina (or, if you need help with Henle Latin), just click here:

Hope you are having an awesome day!