Lately, I’ve been getting more questions about the books I recommend.  This post is a response to that question.  I will update and add to this post as my recommendations change.

As for the literature books I’d recommend…. a little background first.

I was thrilled to get out of school.  Finally, I could begin reading and learning what I wanted to read and learn.  No more professors telling me what to read.  So, with that in mind, these are suggestions.

Mostly, I’d recommend letting kids read what they found interesting.

My wife read a ton of books to our kids when they were young.  She used the SonLight curriculum.  You’ve likely heard of it.  Here is a list of books they recommend by age/grade:



Personally, I can’t image not having read:

My girls really like the Anne of Green Gable Series.

I am a big fan of Shakespeare.  But, I only found out I liked Shakespeare after college.  Never read any in high-school.

Biographies and Autobiographies.  Much of what I have learned, I have learned from biographies and autobiographies.  I have a degree in History and Business.  Both are basically useless.  The history I learned, I learned reading Biographies.  After college.  Should have read them before college.  All of them were far more interesting than anything l learned in those boring college history classes.

That’s literature.

As for books (or documentaries) I have found helpful, I break my lists into three main life categories (based on the old Benjamin Franklin quote: Early to bed, early to Rise, makes a man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise).

That said,