One of the most common questions I get (especially these days) is, “Which books do I order?”

In the past, I have responded to each of these questions individually by listing the books, and linking to the books.

Then, about ten days ago, the obvious hit me.  “Just revamp your resources page!” I thought to myself.

And so I did.  I’ve been working on these pages for several days now.  And, will continue do so.

Please understand that some of these pages are still under development.

The Latin page is 90% done.  The books I recommend are there.  I am not changing that information.  I am just re-arranging a bit.  In other words, the link to the Lingua Latina and Exercitia Latina books are the links to the books I recommend.

The Latin resource page is here:

The Greek resource page is here:

The French resource page is here:

The Spanish resource page is here:

The Italian resource page is here:

The English resource page is here:

And, I have added some new categories.  Based on Ben Franklin’s famous quote, I have added Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.  These pages are mostly empty at the moment as I am focused on languages right now.  But, I will be filling them with recommendations and reading lists in the days and months ahead.

The Healthy resource page is here:

The Wealthy resource page is here:

The Wise resource page is here: