When I was first making the transition from classroom teaching to online teaching, I designed my own website. 

And, it looked like I designed my own website.  

That’s okay.  

I recommend doing the same thing if you are just starting out.  Do as much as you can on your own.  

Doing it all on your own is frustrating, but there is at least one benefit.  You really learn your product inside and out, and you learn from customers.  You learn the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Then, you adjust. 

But, as soon as you are able, hire some help.  

My friend Jeremiah (many of you have been in touch with him) heard about the struggles I was having with my site, and he offered to step in and help.  

Some of you remember my old site.  No one has asked me to go back to it.  Jeremiah built the new site, and honestly, he has freed me up to focus on languages… which is why I went online in the first place.  I knew if I left the classroom, I could dedicate more time to studying languages.

Well, Jeremiah may be able to help you as well.  

If you scroll to the bottom of my website, you will see this: 

If you click on “Pattern Media“, you will end up on a contact page for Jeremiah.  Or, even better, you can just head over there by clicking here: https://www.patternmedia.us/.

If you need some help looking good online, or if you know someone who does, contact Jeremiah. 

He sure helped me.  He can help you, too.