Time for me to weed out some subscribers.  I am going to do this by recommending a book.  

New York author James Altucher says that if he walked into Times Square and yelled, “I am God, and I am here to save you!” he would get some strange looks, but most people would simply ignore him. 

If, on the other hand, he walked into Times Square and yelled, “Don’t go to college!  It’s a waste of time and money!” he is convinced he would be beaten and bruised by the end of the day.

College is sacrosanct in America today.  Thou shalt not question it.   

Well, I suspect I am going to lose some subscribers today for the same reason Mr. Altucher would get beat up in Times Square.  

A few hours ago, I finished the Book, Skip College: Launch Your Career Without Debt, Distractions, or a Degree

If you have kids or know anyone who does, I recommend you read this book.   

I am taking a fall break this year for the first time in many years.  In fact, my family and I are off to Florida tonight.  During the 10-hour car ride, I plan to listen to Skip College again.

I need to hear the message again.  

Here in middle Tennessee, the pressure to attend college is intense.  The pressure comes from other kids, teachers, schools, the media, and parents.  

really think we need to reconsider.  

I really think we need to stop pressuring 18-year-olds to make long term life decisions before their brains are even fully developed.  

And, I really think we need to stop pressuring kids to spend tens of thousands of dollars (or more) on a clearly dubious product.  A product, by the way, that comes with a terrible refund policy.  I still haven’t used my college degree and would love to return it.  But, my college will not take it back.  

My tip this week?  Stop stressing your kids out.  Stop stressing yourself out.  Read Skip College… and reconsider all you have been told. 

Figure out how to launch your career without debt, distractions, or a degree.  It can definitely be done.  

I teach Latin online.  I taught myself Latin after college.  And, “online” was invented while I was in college.  In other words, school didn’t prepare me for my career.  At all.  

Watch the video at the bottom of this email for a gutsy analysis of what school cranks out.  This is what college taught me.  

Is this really what we are after?  

Ok.  You can go ahead and unsubscribe now.  But, first, make sure you send me a nasty email.  

I doubt it will top my favorite email from last week: 

STOP FRICKEN SENDING ME EMAIL YOU FRICKEN DUMMY plus your an idiot I did not subscribe to this mailing list got it dumbo

Heh.  🙂