I am still plowing through old “tips of the week” to finally get this page up to date: https://dwanethomas.com/tip-week-archives/

I’ve got about 40 more tips to go.

This one is from November 2, 2019 BC (Before Covid)


Here’s a “tip of the week” I should have thought of long ago.  

Measure your hand.  Measure your fingers, or one of them anyway.  Measure your arm from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger.  

Later, when you need to estimate the measurements of something in your house, or at the store, you can use your hand or your arm, hands, and fingers.

This just hit me recently.  It should have hit me long ago.   I spend my days studying ancient languages.  The ancient measured objects with their arms, hands, and feet all the time. 

For example, Noah built the ark using cubits.  A cubit is the length from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.  

By the way, if you need an Ark, I Noah guy.  (Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.)


New stuff for sale:

Several weeks ago, after reading the book, Skip College: Launch Your Career Without Debt, Distractions, or a Degree, I started my own side hustle. 

My wife has always encouraged me to sell merchandise through my site.  I have never really pursued it but decided to give it a shot. 

I signed up for a free account on Teespring.com and made a mug: https://teespring.com/carpe-diem-3062?pid=658&cid=102908.  

Then someone emailed and suggested I make funny shirts with messages like “Modern people can’t read this” in Latin.   

So, I did.  Here they are: https://teespring.com/stores/think-outside-the-border


What I am reading these days:

After I blogged about Skip College a few weeks ago, a reader suggested I read The UnCollege Alternative: Your Guide to Incredible Careers and Amazing Adventures Outside College.

I am it reading now.  

It’s a little dated.  It came out a few years after the internet started picking up speed. So, I am not sure all of the sites recommended are still around. 

But, I am enjoying it.  If you have a kid in your house who isn’t sure about the next step after high school, you both may find this book helpful.  


A reminder: 

And, now… the same thing I say every week… 

Subscribers sometimes use my weekly emails as reminders to unsubscribe from my site. 

I get it.  I should unsubscribe from quite a few websites myself. 

But, keep in mind… I offer something no one else in academia (as far as I know) offers.  Stick with me for 3 uninterrupted years and you will have a lifetime subscription

I know this is a pretty dumb business decision on my part, but I have heard from many of you that it is a huge help, so, for now, the offer stands.  

Of course, if you are just starting out in Latin, you may be happier with Visual Latin.   

Visual Latin is a full-blown Latin course.  It is rigorous, just not as rigorous as the classes on my site.  The classes on my site are more “next level” classes, really.     

If you are a subscriber, here is the schedule of classes I am currently teaching: https://dwanethomas.com/class-schedule/

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I hope you are having a very happy Monday!