So, I have a confession to make.  I am a big liar.

But, first, a quick note on this week’s schedule.  

There will be no classes on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  My wife and I are headed to Texas.  There is a class for people who have teenagers living in their homes.  We have four teenagers at home, so we are going to Texas.

If you are a teenager, I am not trying to offend you.  I like teenagers.  I even tried being one once.  But, when I turned 20, I quit and I am never doing it again.

So, back to me being a liar.  

Last week, I sent out a note about my wife’s cashewcake.

Turns out, she didn’t make a cheesecake out of cashews. 

She made a cheesecake out of vegan cream cheese.  So, I was wrong on that one. 

Here’s what happened.  I had seen a bowl of cashews soaking in water.  It was on the counter in our kitchen.  The next day, the bowl of cashews was gone and we were eating cheesecake. 

Sooo… I put two and two together and sent out an erroneous tip of the week.  I knew I was bad at math, but now I can’t even put two and two together?!?  Ugh.  

Quite a few of you asked for the recipe for the “cashewcake”.  Well, here is what she really made:

At this point, it is probably wise to let my wife take over.  After she read my email, and after she rolled her eyes at my deduction skills, she sent this:

Here is the recipe that I did use for the cheesecake.  I did alter the sugar amount to 1/3 cup sugar, 1/3 cup splenda and 1/3 cup coconut palm sugar.  

I did make some of the vegan cream cheese using this recipe.

There was a cashew cream cheese recipe that I looked at and talked to you about, maybe I will try that one next.  

You can include this pizza crust recipe as a bonus.

So, there you go guys.  I am sorry I lied to you… but, at least you get a free pizza crust recipe.  


Okay, so.  The tip of the week:

Several weeks, I recommended the book, Skip College: Launch Your Career Without Debt, Distractions, or a Degree

Since recommending the book, I have been looking for profitable alternatives.  It’s no good to recommend people reconsider college, and then recommend no alternatives.

During my research, I found the podcast, Side Hustle Nation

So, far, this seems like a treasure chest of golden opportunities.  In fact, here are 99 side hustle ideas you can start today.  Some of them seem, um, a little odd… but, the list is still work exploring.

I started a side hustle today. 

My wife has always encouraged me to sell merchandise through my site.  I have never really pursued it but decided to give it a shot. 

So, I signed up for a free account on and made a mug:  

Check out the Side Hustle Nation.  Maybe you will come up with some profitable ideas as well!