I sent this tip out on November 30, 2019


Last Thursday, in America, we celebrated Thanksgiving day.  

Many of the first English settlers who came to North American shores went hungry and even starved during their first year in the New World.

We celebrate that fact by overeating.  🙂

If you are tempted by all the food available during the holiday season, try chewing gum.  

Carry a cheap package of gum with you.  When you are tempted to snack, chew gum instead.  

Not only will chewing gum keep you from snacking mindlessly… it will also keep your breath fresh.

If anyone comments on the amount of gum you are chewing these days, just tell them you are training for Christmas dinner.  Got a big meal coming up.  Need to get ready.  

You can even offer them a stick of gum.  You can train together.