Over the next few months, I am compiling (and archiving) the past “tips of the week”.  About 40 are missing from my site.

Here is the latest:


This week, I was reminded of a site I had forgotten about. 

A reader from California contacted me and asked about Tennessee.  They are considering a move.   

If you are considering a move, the site City-Data.com may help.  

You can plug in any American city and instantly gain access to public information about the city.  

You will find information about average income, housing prices, crime rates, restaurants, churches and on and on. 

By the way, my mom is in town today.  She’s been visiting for years, and her first comment upon arrival was, ‘My word.  The traffic in Franklin has gotten so bad, hasn’t it?’ 

Yes.  It has.  

So, with no authority at all, I am closing Franklin.  No one else is allowed to move here.  

And, if you are thinking of doing it anyway, here are all the bad things about Franklin.  We have tornados (from time to time), mosquitos, humidity, heat, traffic, lot’s of slow driving pick-up trucks, kudzu, humidity, bikers who spend way too much money on clothing that is way too tight who then bike side by side down narrow country roads, too many people who think they are musicians, and, in case I didn’t mention it, humidity.  

But, hey.   If you are interested in moving somewhere else, check out City-Data.com.   🙂