A few tips ago, I announced that I was going to give up sugar for a year.

Then I shared a tip I use to combat sugar cravings.  I chew gum.

(By the way, I should make something something clear.  I have decided to avoid white, processed sugar.  I still eat fruit and from, time to time honey and maple syrup.)

After sending that email, I received lots of emails in my inbox.

Some people thought giving up sugar was a good idea.  Some thought it was a bad idea.  Some thought it was a bold idea.  One person sent a recipe to try.

And, several readers recommended dark chocolate.

Anyway, this week I am here to recommend Lily’s chocolate.

Lily’s chocolate is sweetened with Stevia instead of with white, processed sugar.

Since I am a fan of hazelnut, I tried this one: https://amzn.to/35n7AAd

I liked it.

I really like sugar.  So, when compared it to a sugar-loaded candy bar, it obviously wasn’t the same.  But, I liked it.

It’s also a bit expensive.  Nearly four dollars is a lot for my frugality to handle.

Ultimately, my review is this.  If you want to give up sugar, and you just don’t think you can go without chocolate, check out Lily’s chocolate.  You can even buy a sample variety pack here: https://amzn.to/3AxD2Y7

By the way, the above are affiliate links.  If you buy using the links, I’ll end up getting a tiny amount of money from Amazon.

Maybe, I’ll save my pennies and buy more chocolate.