In a recent service, my pastor reminded the congregation “When you ask God for something, be very specific..  God loves to answer prayer.  By asking him for specific requests, you make it easy for him to demonstrate his power. “

Though it is very difficult to do, I recommend the exact same strategy for goal setting.

If you are vague about your goals, how will you know if you have hit them?

For example, “I would like to write a book someday” is a goal.

“I will write and self-publish a 100 page book about (a topic you know and understand) before the holiday season begins in November” is a very specific goal.

Which one do you think has the greater chance of success?

Once you have your specific goal written down, it’s easier to back up and break the process down into bite-sized chunks.

In the case of our hypothetical book, you will need to write ten pages a month from now until November.  Do this, and you will have your 100 page book.

When it comes to goals, and when it comes to prayer, be very specific.

Now, I am off to follow my own advice.

What I am reading these days:

Lately, I’ve been working hard to master French pronunciation.  At nearly 50 years old, I suspect this is a fool’s errand.  But, what of that?  I am going to try anyway.   At 60, I’d like to be able to say I am fluent in French.  That means I have to practice now, at age 48.

I’ve been studying languages for most of my life.  I don’t know how many language books I have read, or audio programs I have listened to.

In general, they all fall into two categories.

The academic programs focus on vocabulary lists and grammar.  With stories thrown in from time to time.

The popular “learn in your car” programs emphasize the tourist phrases.   Where is the bathroom?  Is there a bank nearby?

These days, I am listening to Learn French Like a Native.  This audio series is in the second, tourist phrase category.

I am not traveling to France (or, anywhere else) anytime soon.  I really don’t need to know how to ask questions like, “Have you seen my passport?”  But, I am listening to the series anyway.  Programs like this provide good pronunciation practice.

I found this series on Scribd.