Spring break is coming up on my site. From April 4 through April 9 there will be no classes.

I’m planning to drive out to Colorado to spend some time with my son.  I am also going to try, again, to learn to snowboard.  Because, I don’t want to admit I am getting older.  Midlife crisis stuff.

I thought about flying from Nashville to Denver, and renting a car. It was going to be pretty expensive.  Just renting a car for the week was going to cost $500.

Then I decided to compare the price of the flights and the car rental to the cost of driving.

To do this, I went to Gasbuddy.com. On Gasbuddy.com you can calculate the cost of driving.

Simply plug in the departure location (Nashville, in my case) and the destination (Winter Park, Colorado).  Then, plug in the make, model and year of your car.  For me, a 2013 Dodge Caravan.

Gasbuddy.com will then calculate the cost of the drive, suggest a route, and will even show you where to find the cheapest fuel.  Cheapest.  These days, there is no cheap fuel.

It turns out, even with gas as high as it is right now it is still going to be considerably cheaper to drive.

So, on April third and fourth, I’ll be driving out to Colorado.

But don’t I value my time?  Shouldn’t I just fly?

I actually do value my time and I’m careful how I spend it.  But, since my car is essentially a university on wheels I am looking forward to the time on the road.

I’ll listen to some audiobooks, and will level up in French, Spanish and German.

Thinking about a road trip this summer? Check out Gasbuddy.com.

That’s it for me.  I’m off today to Birmingham, Alabama to spend some time with my mom and my sister.

I really need to talk my relatives into moving to the Nashville area.

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