Dr. Mary Hobson is one of my language heroes. Whenever I feel too old to learn a language, which is often, I read her story again.  It’s here: https://markrwayne.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-inspirational-story-of-dr-mary.html

Dr. Hobson decided to take on Russian at age 56, and received a Ph.D in Russian when she was 74.  You read that right.

So, yeah.  When I feel I am in over my head, I remind myself of Dr. Mary Hobson.

These days I am teaching myself French in Spanish, and I am attempting to resurrect the German that once resided in my brain.

Keep in mind, I am making this up as I go, but here are seven resources  I’m currently using to learn French.

Resource #1:  For grammar, I rely on Margarita Madrigal’s Magic Key to French.

Unfortunately, it’s out of print and used copies are expensive.  Currently, you can get it for $115!  Yikes.  Fortunately I found PDF versions on online.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for a free PDF version: https://dwanethomas.com/french-resources/

(I will likely teach the Magic Key to French again this summer.  Stay tuned.  I will make any announcements here in the weekly email.)

Resource #2:  For reading and listening practice, I am reading Le Français par la Métode Nature, also available on this page: https://dwanethomas.com/french-resources/

Resource #3:  I often listen to Genesis in French.  (I find Genesis fascinating)  Found the Old Testament on Scribd.  Here is the version I listen to: https://www.scribd.com/listen/367800735

Resource #4:  When I want to watch something in French, I watch the Extra series: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=extra+francais+episode+1+english+subtitles.  This series can be slightly inappropriate at times but… it’s still worth it.  It’s great for conversational dialogue.

Resource #5: I also watch the old series French in Action.  It’s dated.  But, it’s highly repetitive.  I find it quite helpful.

Resource #6: Just starting to look into this one.  Haven’t used it yet.  Italki is a site which allows you to connect with language tutors.  It gives you an opportunity to practice your target language with native speakers.  I am thinking of joining this summer.  I need lots of French and Spanish practice.